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Dental cleanings in Cedarhurst

What is typically thought about when one hears the term, “dental cleaning” is the preventative, professional teeth cleaning you are supposed to get twice a year when you visit your Cedarhurst best dentist. However, that is not the only type of professional teeth-cleaning that’s performed at your dental office. Periodontal cleanings are also done but for different reasons.

Dental cleanings and periodontal cleanings are both professional cleanings that are done at a quality Cedarhurst best dentist office like Advanced Implant Dentistry and Oral Restoration. The goal of both kinds of teeth-cleanings is to achieve good gum health but that is the only similarity among them. However, the main goal of each is completely different. Prophylaxis is the routine teeth cleaning you get every six months by your professional hygienist. It is performed to help maintain good dental health and to prevent potential oral health future problems from happening. This kind of cleaning is only performed on patients who are in a state of good oral health. There are certain criteria that must to be met to get a regular professional teeth-cleaning. To qualify for it, the patient cannot have any bleeding nor any mobility of teeth, receded areas or exposed teeth. For prophylaxis, a professional hygienist will use a special dental tool to remove plaque, tartar and other substances from the teeth and gums. This helps to prevent periodontal disease from ever occurring. However, if a patient already has periodontal disease, he or she will need to get a periodontal cleaning (periodontal maintenance). Unlike prophylaxis which is done for preventative reasons, the periodontal cleaning is performed to treat periodontal disease. This deep cleaning is usually performed by a periodontist instead of a hygienist. It’s done to thoroughly clean the teeth to stop periodontal disease from progressing. Periodontal cleanings usually need to be performed about three or four times per year, but this will vary from patient to patient.

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